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Author Topic: Wednesday Ferry MO/Arkansas 9/9/20 - Ride  (Read 82 times)
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Let's Ride!!!!!!

« on: October 02, 2019, 06:39:32 PM »


9am departure time, location: TBD

I will provide a GPX file for GPS units closer into to the rally.  I tend to tweak these a bit at times.

As always I want to preface any ride with:  RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE.  I always try and never turn and/or regroup without everyone.  I can ONLY rely on the information provided to me whether to push on.  So always be super aware of who is behind you.

There will be a couple of spots in this ride where Mark will lead a more spirited ride.  He and I will discuss this closer to the rally.  These spots will be addressed before the ride and during a stop.  (not a regrouping)

Missouri/Ark Loop

You will notice on the map below I have three redlines draw.  Why??  These are jumping off points.  If you wish to go into leave the group and explore either Branson or Eureka Springs, go for it!   Itís simple to get back to Harrison from either city.  Branson you follow 65 South and Eureka Springs you follow 62 East.    Downtown Eureka Springs and the Crescent Hotel (itís haunted :-)  ) are worth seeing if you wish to peel off.  Also at 412 just south of Eureka Springs is a jumping off point to get back easily, head east to 62 then right into Harrison.

If you do peel off from the group, please let me know so I donít look and/or wait for you, Thanks!

Before and after the Table Rock Dam stop, itís all about riding.  Not much scenic other than the gorgeous mountain roads we will be riding.

I know it seems like a lot of stopping/regrouping for a 237 mile ride but these are built in most times for regrouping, some for not getting off the bikes at all.  Some places I stop may only be 50 miles but time wise due to the extreme twisties and elevation changes can run us over 1hr-1hr15min. Itís nice to get off and stretch before tackling another mountain, IMHO.

At these gas/bathroom stops Iíd LIKE :-) to be efficient and quick.  (Famous last words)  I will not be a drill sergeant and force us out but letís move and ride!

1.  Stop Hwy 125 Rec Park on Lake   Bathroom stop ( I know it's after breakfast and we might need before waiting for ferry and ferry ride) if needed, letís make this very quick as it takes about 30-40 minutes on the ferry. (boarding, riding and deboarding)
2.  Stop at 160/76 On the right is Scooters Gas  Stretch Gas/Bathroom If needed
3.  Regroup just pass 265/76, no getting off bikes.
4.  Stop Dam - Scenic Stop, let's try and make quick. Get down to lake take pictures and let's move along to lunch.
5.  Lunch - Log Cabin Cafe
6.  Stop at gas station at Hwy 86/P bathroom if needed BUT quick please
7.  Regroup at 62/23, no getting off bikes.
8.  Stop South of Eureka Springs - Gas/Bathroom if needed
9.  Stop at Ponca - Gas/Bathroom if needed
10. If I see elk or buffalo herds along 21/43 I will stop.  This is totally hit or miss.

When we approach Branson PLEASE be aware of the person behind you.  DONít make your full turn unless you see the person behind you.  I added about 10 miles to the ride to avoid going through downtown Branson.  Itís a zoo and trying to get us all through there together would be a nightmare.  465 even though a four lane divided highway is simply gorgeous.  When we come off 465, we dump off onto 76.  We will make a left turn at a light onto 265.  If we donít all make the light donít sweat it.  I will pull over into a lot just down from the light and we will regroup.  PLEASE, DO NOT GET OFF YOUR BIKE.  I will be the only one off the bike and walking back to meet Pete and know we are all together.  If Pete tells me heís made the turn and we are not separated, I will NOT stop.  Once on 265 if we separated by a light, donít sweat it.  Once at the bottom of 265 we reach the dam and our stop.

Some notes about Branson, there is an attraction named Big Cedar Lodge.  I would have preferred to eat there but I did not as they charge $10 person to get onto the property plus the cost of lunch.  You are easily looking at $25-30 person.  If this is something youíd like to do this would be a good peel off point after the dam.  Itís right at the intersection of 65/86.  The views from Big Cedar/Bass Pro are phenomenal.   Also along 86 is Dogwood Canyon.  Another spectacular spot owned by Bass Pro.  Again $10 per person just to get in.  Once there, thereís a lot to see and do.   It might be something you might wish to do and not continue on with our ride.  http://www.dogwoodcanyon.org/default.aspx   This is YOUR vacation, donít feel obligated to do any of our rides or all the rides.  I encourage you to research Branson/Eureka Springs area.   

After we leave the dam we get back on 265 up to 65.  I will NOT make that turn until I hear from Pete.  We are on 65 for a very short time, turning right onto 86.  The lunch spot is a short distance from 65/86 on the left.

https://www.facebook.com/pg/LogCabinCafe4116/menu/?ref=page_internal Log Cabin Cafe

After lunch we follow the beautiful roller coaster road, Mo-86 for about 30 miles.  I will pull over before we make a left turn to head into Eureka Springs so we can regroup.  If anyone needs to use the restroom, letís do it quickly please.  The stop is at a gas station on the left side across from Dollar General. 

After we leave 86/P(23 once inside Arkansas) follow this into Eureka Springs, we WILL become separated due to the nature of this road.  RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE!!!!!!!. 

PLEASE READ THIS AS I WILL NOT REGROUP US AT THE TURN.  At 23/6 we come to a stop sign you have to turn left or right, turn left.  I will regroup us after this left turn at the Ozark House on your right.  (about 7/10ths of a mile)  Please do not get off the bikes, this is a regrouping pit stop.   I once again will be the only one off the bike.

This is a good point if you do not wish to continue on to jump off. 

We will head south to a gas station. VERY IMPORTANT, if you need gas for your bike or bathroom for you.  Do so!   Once we head south we will go through a town named Huntsville. If we seperate, just follow 23. I will NOT make the turn left into 74 without everyone.   There is nowhere for me to pull over on the right before the turn but someone will be at the turn for you to see. 

Once we make the turn at 74, it's on like Donkey Kong!  It's so beautiful along 74 & 21 into Ponca Valley.

Again, I want to stress, I Ďm not going to be a drill sergeant at these stops but we need to do what we need to do and get back on the bikes as quickly as possible, please.

* Screenshot (34)_LI.jpg (793.46 KB, 1049x904 - viewed 11 times.)

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It's a scooterful day in the neighborhood!
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