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Author Topic: Virginia Scoot Meet May 1st - 4th  (Read 48 times)
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« on: January 28, 2020, 08:33:52 PM »

(here's a copy and paste from ADV forum)

I am setting up a scooter meet in our home. I will be posting all the happening in this thread and particulars to this event. As Spring is rapidly approaching we are only a couple of months away from premier riding weather in these parts! 

Now regarding the scooter get together, I haunt 3 forums. The challenge here is I can host roughly 16 folks, a bunch of campers so to post this up to the entire ADV forum is just too much let alone two other forums. My thoughts are May 1st through the 4th, the first weekend in May. If we get down to crunch time we may have to slide the weekend back based on weather. I live on a lake so if any of you are kayakers, it might be a win if you tow your bike and kayak down and do some exploring of the 17 mile lake. I will ping a few members to lead some different rides based on interest. Think, Jamestown , Monticello, etc.

I will keep a rolling list and tag each person that states "I'm in" or a "definite maybe" and update this thread as we go. @sro99 and @jon_l , if you boys want to catch a redeye for the weekend, you two can grab whatever I have in the garage. So no excuses, cost of flying and some meals while riding is it. @CashCow please shoot this across the bow of Ken for me. I owe you two boys a tall beverage. @conchscooter Burger run time, I'll have the G&T ready for ya. Any of you hoodlums from CA want to have a go, chime in and I'll save a bike for you. @MYUMPH I know you won't be able to stay for the weekend but maybe you can come down for a ride and meal with the gang on you Burger 200 or Z125!

This will be primarily a scooter run but motorcycles are more than welcome. I will clear out the garage and we should be able to get most of the scoots/bikes in the garage each night. What's unusual about this offer is you will forfeit some privacy, think slumber party. One room has 4 bunk beds, so if 4 of you are in there and 2 snore, I can't help you. Capice? What you lose in privacy you gain in hanging out with 10 to 20 like minded folks to discuss the finer attributes of what we do. Have all the beverages you want and no worries on getting back to a hotel.

We provide breakfast each morning and fruit and water to stow in your tank bag for the road. All other meals are on you, so pizza, Chinese or the like and send someone to go get it, or we all convene at a restaurant and pig out. I'll post a list of GREAT roads to enjoy, many attractions to ride to and see if any interest, and provide links so you can do your due diligence if you so desire. We will provide all linens (wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel, sheets, pillows) for up to 16 folks. I have 3 full baths but only 2 are up for grabs, sorry my bathroom is mine!

So as this list grows and folks commit it may reach a cap and I'll have to cut it off. Campers are always welcome over and above the 16 cap.


Definite Maybe
Cathy & Bob from Chitown

(more to come)

Show up on time, do your best and don't grumble about the outcome.
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« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2020, 09:26:33 PM »

Just put it on my Calendar hope Bob and I can work this out with our jobs. 

Thanks,  Eric,

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Let's Ride!!!!!!

« Reply #2 on: Today at 12:15:48 AM »

I so wish we could go but Pete will have his last infusion in May.  Suonds like so much fun!!

It's a scooterful day in the neighborhood!
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