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Author Topic: Shoot'n sports  (Read 54836 times)
John Backlund
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2012, 08:00:32 PM »

Did a little Google searching and answered my own question.  The design is such that it precludes the hammer from striking the round unless the trigger is pulled so it is safe to carry fully loaded. 

Interesting side not, I saw where a lot of folks use S&W 32 short or long ammo as practice rounds in this gun because they a lot cheaper.  There are some issues with brass bulging or splitting when using these but other than that they function OK.  You don't get a complete gas seal like you do with the Nagant 7.62x38mm.  You can also get cylinders for it that are chambered to use 32 APC rounds.     

Some are also using .32 H&R Magnums in them, but it causes a lot of 'discussion' as to the wisdom of doing so. On the other hand, the Nagant military loadings for the revolver are/were a lot hotter than the commercial stuff currently being loaded for it. If you look at old film videos (on youtube) of the Nagant being fired by Russian soldiers, you can clearly see the difference in recoil as compared to modern videos of people firing the gun, which has barely any noticable recoil at all, almost like a .22 LR. I've read that the replacment .32 cylinders often need some gunsmith tweaking to function properly, though I'd like to have one. I might buy several more of these things over the next month or two....you know, just in case of an impending zombie apocalypse or something.
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