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Author Topic: The Blizzard of '21  (Read 394 times)
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« on: February 21, 2021, 10:43:52 PM »

The winter is as crazy as was last summer.  Don, we know all too well about heavy snow in Nova Scotia... the heart attack kind.  So heavy it even strains the snow blower.  Being so close to the Atlantic, most storms finish with warming up and turning to rain.  Thus the slush to clear before the temperature drops and it all freezes.  However the last one (yesterday / last night) placed us on the northerly side of the system and we had some of the nicest snow in years.  Dry champagne power.  About 5 inches and it wasn't even worth using the blower.  Shoveling was almost a joy.  The neighbor grumbled "here we go again..."  I replied with yes ...isn't this lovely !!!"

The state Texas finds themselves in, is something everyone is speaking about here, with sympathies and prayers for that mess and terrible situation.

Larry's blizzard only requires a broom .... LOL

Cathy ...good to hear the operations are going well with the positive results we want to hear about.  You will be bionic by the time the riding season arrives.  Then retirement will be in full swing .

We haven't had an 18 in snow storm for years.  But when it came, the snow banks were up to the power lines.  And I bought a snow blower the next fall.

Like I said the winter is crazy.  It only really got going here about two - three weeks ago.  Not even very cold and this has not helped the ski season and the lines now show people trying to make up for lost time.  Speaking with the ski hill owner Friday he said they finally can put the snow guns away.  About a month later than usual.  And now only about 5 weeks of skiing remaining for this year.

Craig, I hope you warm up back to normal quickly and they get your power and water fixed really fast.  There is enough suffering without this recent battle with the weather.

Glad to see all the pictures.

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