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Title: Wednesday Ferry MO/Arkansas 9/9/20 - Ride
Post by: Maggie on October 02, 2019, 06:39:32 PM
In the interest of social distancing I've changed the ride a bit.  I will reverse my original route.  This allows for us to eat outdoors at Table Rock Lake State Park.

9am departure time, location: Days Inn Rally Hotel

I will provide a GPX file for GPS units closer to the rally.  

As always I want to preface any ride with:  RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE.  I always try and never turn and/or regroup without everyone.  I can ONLY rely on the information provided to me whether to push on.  So always be super aware of who is behind you.

There will be a couple of spots in this ride where Mark *may* lead a more spirited ride.  He and I will discuss this closer to the rally.  These spots will be addressed before the ride and during a stop.  (not a regrouping)

First Stop will be in Ponca, AR.  Will be a quick bathroom/gas/stretch. On 43 after the break stop, if the Elk or Buffalo are out in the fields to our left in large numbers, I will pull off into the viewing area.  This is obviously a hit or miss thing.

When we drop down into Kingston on 21, I will stop at the town square for us to regroup.  I prefer to be the only one off the bike just to be able to see the last bike then we will be on our way.  

After Kingston we will follow 21 towards Berryville.  I won't regroup until AFTER Berryville.  The only tricky part is when 21 comes into 412.  It's a right then a fairly quick left.  I won't attempt to get us through that all at once.  So be familiar with the route here.  Let's try and not make turns without people behind catching up.  Same will apply in Berryville, keep following the 21 signs.  I will regroup about 1.7 miles after the right hand turn off main street at a Jehovah Witness Church.  JUST FOLLOW 21N signs!  I will not leave this spot until we are all caught up.

Second Stop Shell Knob, MO     Will be a quick bathroom/gas/stretch.

After we leave here we will follow 86E to the Log Cabin.  There is right turn when 86 meets 13 then a left hand turn where 86/13 seperate.   Hopefully we will all be together but in case we are not just follow 86 to the Log Cabin stop.

Third Stop in Log Cabin Cafe for Lunch Pick up.  Place an order to go and we will eat down by the lake.  If you prefer to stay and eat, do so. If you stay you can catch up with us at the park within a reasonable time.

** This is a good jumping off spot if you wish to head back to Harrison and not do the afternoon ride.  Just hop on 65S.

Fourth Stop Table Rock State Park  - Eat Lunch

After lunch we will head north on 265.  There will be a quick series of turns.  265 to 76 to 465.  Once on the entrance ramp to 465, we will line up SINGLE file.  Regroup then take off. No one needs to get off their bike, please.  

465 turns into F then dead ends at 160.  At 160, I'm going to regroup us here across the street at a church.  

Fifth Stop Kissee Mills, MO  Will be a quick bathroom/gas/stretch.  Note: there is no bathroom at the ferry. Cross the Peel Ferry back into Arkansas and onto Harrison.

** If you wish to extend your ride, this is a good place to do so.  There are some outstanding roads around this area.  I can work up some loops if anyone needs suggestions.  We have rode down to this area for weekend  getaway rides, the roads dont disappoint.

I want to stress, I m not going to be a drill sergeant at these stops but we need to do what we need to do and get back on the bikes as quickly as possible, please.   You pick where is best for you for gas.  The last gas stop is at the approx 170 mile mark.  So most of us will probably want to fill up at the second stop (they have 8 pumps)   Some may want to fill up at the first stop then the third?  You do you, but once you fill up please regroup with the group so I can determine when we can leave.

Title: Re: Wednesday Ferry MO/Arkansas 9/9/20 - Ride
Post by: Murf on March 10, 2020, 04:19:40 PM
That is also a nice ride.

Title: Re: Wednesday Ferry MO/Arkansas 9/9/20 - Ride
Post by: Maggie on April 17, 2020, 06:34:55 PM
I've updated the Wednesday ride with social distancing in mind.