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Title: Motorcycle Life Hacks
Post by: Virginian on March 18, 2019, 06:02:36 PM
Iím a big fan of riding great big distances and have a few tricks up my sleeve that will work in a pinch for ya.

- Gas Station Gloves

Many gas stations have throwaway plastic gloves that folks use to protect their hands while filling up. These work as very handy, thin glove liners that Iíve found to be useful in two ways: 1. In a pinch they will make an plain pair of gloves into a waterproof pair. 2. Secondly, the gloves help add a modicum of warmth, since they donít allow air in. Iíve had times when Iíve been out and the temperature has dropped a little more than Iíd anticipated. The wind protection offered by the gas station freebies has been just enough to allow me to carry on with a little more comfort.

- Plastic Shopping Bags

Same as above, they'll waterproof your boots and add a little warmth on a cold day. Also if you put one on your waterproof boot before putting on your moto trousers your boot will slide right through the pants lag with ease.

- Zip Ties

You can pick up zip/cable ties at all kinds of placesógas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores, electronics stores but itís often the case that if you need zip ties to hold your bike/luggage together you need them so urgently that you wonít really be able to ride around looking for some to buy. If you have an off or your bike tips over plastic panels, windshield or sometimes hard luggage will snap so i carry Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman with an awl. Drill holes in the plastic and zip tie it back togther. Finish off with a piece of duct take and it usually will get you home.

- Adhesive Putty

Black tack (UK brand) is the best of adhesives. Uhu Patafix works well too. Used by photographers to stick equipment in awkward places, it's like Blu-Tack on steroids. If you're lost and you need to stick your smartphone to your dash to see Google Maps, this will do it. If you need to attach a sat nav with no mount, this will do it. GoPro mount broke, this will do. The bond gets stronger after a few minutes of contact, so it's stickier than it at first seems. It comes in a rolls or strips for about $5 and it's reusable. Just restore it in aluminum foil and use over and over again.

- Newspaper in your leathers

I know this sounds crazy but if the temps drop unexpectedly and your dog's dangles shrink up like retracts on an airplane and you're an hour from home, stop at a quick mart and buy a newspaper. Layer it across your chest as thick as you can and still zip up your jacket. If you can slide some layers inside your cuffs and/or arms bonus points.

- Baby Wipes

Don't use the towels and washcloths at the hotel to clean you gear or bike. Most hotels will back charge you a service fee for extreme dirt on their linens. Get a travel size pack of baby wipes and they'll keep your leathers, helmet, gear and also work wonders on wiping down the bike and windshield. I swear, they work like a champ! Have too many burritos on the road, they work well on your backside too.

- Face-shield Fogging

Fogging on the inside of your face-shield is a serious problem in the winter months. Plain old dish washing soap like Dawn. Wipe on a healthy layer on the inside of you visor and let it dry for like 20 to 30 minutes. Buff with a micro fiber towel till it's crystal clear. I guarantee your visor won't fog for the day. Rinse, replete as needed.

PS: Do not use the windshield washer fluids you see at gas stations with the squeegee! I have used it to clean bugs off my face-shield and it promptly took the protective coating off my $60 visor... grrr

- Traffic Light Hack

Ever sit at a traffic light for many cycles wondering if you should just run the darn thing? You can purchase earth magnets on fleabay and either hot glue them to the inside of your fairing (if you have one) or hot glue them to the underside of your bike. They really to help triggering the traffic light sensors that you are waiting patently on to turn. They come in mant shapes and sizes for your application but I find the quarter size work the best. (

Please feel free to post your tips & tricks here if you have any to share.

Title: Re: Motorcycle Life Hacks
Post by: Expat47 on March 18, 2019, 07:37:29 PM
I was wondering if you'd mention news papers. My grandfather told a story about his son buying a bike in the dead of winter then freezing out so Grandpa had to ride the thing the rest of the way home. News papers saved the day!

I've got to find some of that "Black Tack", sounds like handy stuff.

Title: Re: Motorcycle Life Hacks
Post by: Maggie on March 18, 2019, 09:42:33 PM
Good tips!

Title: Re: Motorcycle Life Hacks
Post by: EZMark on March 19, 2019, 05:25:55 AM
I keep a first aid kit on my bike and I've used it twice, thankfully on other people.

Title: Re: Motorcycle Life Hacks
Post by: jdbrot on March 19, 2019, 03:27:03 PM
Newspaper bags work as well as plastic shopping bags in your boots and take up less room. Also work for hands if you have a messy roadside repair. I carry nitrile gloves for all kinds of reasons, first aid, repairs, etc. Gaffers tape rolled onto a pen or pencil can fix floppy bodywork, cracked windshields, holes in pants, etc. Holds better than duct tape and less residue. A couple of feet can save your trip plus you can still use the pen. Great tips above.