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Title: Spyder Demo Days... coming to Nova Scotia
Post by: sailingskier on April 29, 2017, 03:07:24 PM
I've been getting emails advising of Spyder Demo Days !   :2tu:

The email suggestion was to call and book a demo time slot; but the visual presence of the fine machinery is much greater in person than by telephone.  So... yesterday my wife and I stopped into the local dealer to talk about Demo Days.    As I expected, my question of how necessary of having some shifting experience might be brought the red flags "a-flying".  :laugh:  The Silverwing is my first bike and shifting is an evil necessity in the lives other bikes.  Well.... they were all set to book a slot for me until I made this known.  Which is also why a visit rather than a phone call was a wiser means of discovery. I would have hated to arrive on Demo Day to be rejected from taking a ride.  Could have been embarrassing.  So as it stands now, when the "right" day comes I will go to the dealer for some one on one instruction from the "sales advisor" I was speaking with, and then head out for a ride in their area.  The dealer is located in a new and developing industrial park, so there are miles of uncrowded freshly paved roads.   This sounds like a much better plan than learning in a group.  Maybe if I do this in a few weeks I will be ready for the Demo Day ride at the end of May. :clap:   From the short show room explanation yesterday, operation of the Spyder won't be terribly difficult to grasp.  They sure are cool looking machines.   


Title: Re: Spyder Demo Days... coming to Nova Scotia
Post by: Maggie on April 29, 2017, 05:14:56 PM
If you can push a button you can shift a Sypder.  There is no clutch to pull.  It's simple.  Call them back and tell them to book you a date!  I never rode a motorcycle and jumped on a Spyder and off I went!

PS, you will love the Sypder.  It's a pretty aweome bike.

Title: Re: Spyder Demo Days... coming to Nova Scotia
Post by: sevenwheels on April 30, 2017, 01:10:13 PM
Like Maggie said,if you can push a button... Our roadster has the SE system,just like paddle shifters,in fact it is a paddle shift of sorts. That, and it downshifts on it's own,you just can't beat it for what it is. A word of caution,most people that test ride Spyders...Buy Them.